Saturday, February 28, 2009

FaceBook and egos – a dangerous combination…

I’ve made a promise to myself that I will make at least one blog entry each week. In my last blog, I mentioned that my blogging helped me as part of my recovery. To be honest, I’ve slacked off a bit. Like so many other people in recovery, I have gotten to the point that I think I am fine and I can handle this thing myself.

The comments that Abbie made about my last blog kind of stirred me up a bit, but in a good way. The last few weeks, I’ve let my ego get in the way. I have been the big and bad recovering addict. Things are great and I am just fine on my own. Yeah, right. Just because things are going good and I am clicking off the days and weeks in my sobriety, I can not get complacent. Just as soon as I do, my addiction will jump up and bite me on the ass.

Thanks Abbie for pointing that out to me!

I’ve been doing the FaceBook thing for the last few weeks. I had set up a profile back last year sometime and only played around with it a time or two. For some reason a couple of weeks ago, I logged on and was shocked at the number of friend requests that I had. As it stands now, I have reconnected with about two dozen of my high school classmates along with people I haven’t talked to in years. I went to a small school and knew nearly everyone in my graduating class. It just amazes me how much time some people put into updating their status and sending messages back and forth.

For the first few days of being active on FaceBook, I updated my status like 5 or 6 times a day. It was pretty cool in the beginning but as the newness wore off, it seemed pointless to let people know that I had just finished eating supper and had indigestion or I was just waking up and drinking my first cup of coffee.

Tonight I sat down at the computer and went through my usual routine of checking email, looking at to see Sunday’s race lineup and updating my FaceBook status. When I read Abbie’s comments, it dawned on me that I made the time to do something pointless like letting people know that I just got home from work but I couldn’t take 10 minutes to blog.

So I guess I can sum up this rambling in just one word – Priorities.

It goes right back to that ego. I don’t feel the need to blog; to work on my recovery, but I can do something as pointless as let people know my choice of bathroom reading material.

I’m fine. I got this thing beat. Yeah right.

Hang on a second, someone’s tapping me on the shoulder – oh shit, it’s my addiction. I had better get back on track. It doesn’t need to be behind me, it needs to be in front of me so I can keep my eye on it.

Thanks Abbie for hitting me over the head with that ugly 3 letter word. Oh, by the way, I did call my sponsor. He’s getting pretty smart these days. He’s telling me what I need to do and not letting me do what I want.

One a week. That’s my goal. Talk to you all next week.

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Molls said...

I just signed up with Facebook too. I'm a little freaked out by it. I'm more of a hermit, by nature. And it seems like another way to kill my day when I'd rather be reading, writing, praying or doing something good for my soul.